The principle of generating active oxygen in the process of energy metabolism

Energy metabolism course How from Active oxygen Will occur? Why do free radicals occur when muscles or brain are overworked? Is there any substance of what is called active oxygen in our body?

In this article, take the time to prove this scientifically. In conclusion, it can be seen that active oxygen is generated in the process of energy metabolism.

Energy metabolism course Principles of Generation of Active Oxygens: The Role of Energy

Each organ in our body needs energy to make it move.​ For example, to “smelt” the act, we need to breathe air. muscle To inhale air, convert it into electrical signals from the sensory organs, brains To interpret the signal.

As such, it is called each organ, but the organs that actually use energy are muscle fibers (including muscles, tendons, and ligaments) and brain. The energy used by muscle fibers and brain is Mitochondria It is produced by an institution called.

에너지대사과정에서 활성산소 발생원리 : 미토콘드리아 구조도

Figure: Structure of mitochondria_14 ATP synthase

에너지대사과정에서 활성산소 발생원리 : 세포 구조도

Figure: Cell structure diagram_No.9 is mitochondria

Energy metabolism course Principle of generation of active oxygen in the energy production plant mitochondria

Mitochondria use oxygen from the air you breathe, fat and glucose from the food you eat to produce energy. These two processes: breathing and eating Oxidative phosphorylation Are joined together in a process called ATP (adenosine triphosphate) Is created.

에너지대사과정에서 활성산소 발생원리 : ATP(아데노신 삼인산)

Figure: ATP (adenosine triphosphate)

ATP High energy phosphate bond And when this bond is broken Phosphate Fall off Adenosine diphosphate (ADP) The process of making is an exothermic reaction that releases 7.3 kcal / mol of energy. The reaction equation for this process is as follows.

에너지대사과정에서 활성산소 발생원리 : 에너지대사과정 반응식

ATP + H2O → ADP + Pi ΔG˚ = −30.5 kJ / mol (.37.3 kcal / mol)

The energy generated by this exothermic reaction makes the muscle fibers move, activates the brain, and is used for various metabolisms. For reference, 1 molecule of glucose can make 30~32 molecules of ATP.

Energy metabolism course Principle of generating active oxygen in: by-product

However, some by-products occur in the process of mitochondrial energy metabolism, which is commonly referred to as a fatigue substance. Active oxygen For example.

Energy metabolism course Principles of generating active oxygen in: short time explosive energy generation

In addition, the explosive energy generation in a short time generates more active oxygen. Mitochondria are a kind of factory. If the machine in the factory is also overloaded, the production rate of defective products increases. Mitochondria are living organisms (cells). If a large amount of energy must be produced by living organisms (cells) rather than machines in a short period of time, more free radicals, which are defective products, are generated.

  • Due to excessive exercise Muscle fibers Occurrence of active oxygen in
  • Due to excessive physical exertion Muscle fibers Occurrence of active oxygen in
  • Due to overwork brains Occurrence of active oxygen in
  • Due to stress brains Occurrence of active oxygen in

like this Muscle fibers Free radicals generated in destroy muscle fibers Muscle pain Cause, brains Free radicals generated in the brain destroy brain cells headache Cause.

Energy metabolism course The principle of generating active oxygen: anion and active oxygen

The best removal of free radicals in nature is Negative ions is. Through an experiment, Monster Gear confirmed that muscle pain decreased as a result of supplying negative ions to shoulders, elbows, wrists, waists, hips, hamstrings, knees, and calves through negative ions.

Also, Monster Gear Anion pad Attached Neck band through carotid Through an experiment, it was confirmed that headaches were alleviated as a result of supplying negative ions through the device.

에너지대사과정에서 활성산소 발생원리 : 몬스터기어 목밴드

Figure: Monster Gear neckband photo

Therefore, I want to draw a tentative conclusion as follows. “The active oxygen in our body is real, and it was confirmed that a significant part of it was removed through the monster gear negative ion pad experiment.”

Energy metabolism course Principle of generating active oxygen in:

Active oxygen is generated in the process of energy metabolism. Mitochondria, an energy production plant, accidentally came into our body's cells during the evolution of life. And We have DNA separate from our DNA. . That is, with us Symbiotic relationship Is. We supply the mitochondria with nutrients, and the mitochondria provide us with energy. The energy our body produces is not precisely designed according to God's design. It is a coincidence of symbiosis with mitochondria. Therefore, energy is not produced only what is needed by our body. A by-product called active oxygen is also produced. Energy benefits our body. Free radicals are harmful to our body. God's design will only give you the benefit of energy. It is caused by a symbiote called mitochondria, so you have to risk the harm to get the benefit.

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