Rupture formula and shoulder elbow injury treatment rehabilitation recovery

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Rupture formula (1)-muscle building principle

Rupture formula Recovery mechanism

▶ If it is difficult, it would be comfortable to understand this way.

Cells in some parts of our body are constantly being destroyed . → Then I have to make the cells in that area stronger. .

▶ This program (logic) is built into our body.

Rupture formula The principle of muscle building

▶ If muscles are regenerated after being destroyed, muscle Is reborn.

▶ First is destruction.
weight training If you work hard, your muscles will be destroyed.
It is the muscle fibers that occur in the process of energy metabolism to use power. Active oxygen Destroys the muscle fibers.

▶ This is the next play.
The recovery mechanism of our body is destroyed Muscle fibers Play it.
However, the time it takes for regeneration (rest period) depends on the degree of destruction.
Professional bodybuilders who build huge muscles in a short amount of time are experts who first set a break and calculate the amount of exercise to regenerate accurately during that break.

파열의 공식 : 인대 힘줄의 재생

Rupture Formula (2)-Activity and Reason for Injury

Formula of rupture: In case of insufficient weight training program

▶ If 6 hours Weight training program What would happen if this was a little insufficiently woven?
The muscles still stick.
However, the speed at which the muscles attach will be slower than if it was woven correctly.

▶ Still, in this case Bodybuilder It's just a matter of not being able to win a contest.
But the following is different.

Formula of rupture: For excessive weight training programs

▶ What if the 6-hour weight training program is a bit over-planned?
In this case, weight training is performed without sufficient regeneration of the broken muscle fibers.
This overloads and destroys the surrounding muscle fibers of the broken muscle fibers.

▶ It is not a stronger regeneration by destruction, but also the destruction of the damaged area and the periphery.

Rupture formula

▶ Continue this excessive weight training program.
▶ Then, the periphery and the periphery
▶ In the end, [must be seen with a microscope, but barely visible muscle fiber destruction]
▶ It becomes larger and becomes [muscle, tendon, ligament rupture that can be seen with the naked eye].
▶ Still, continue with the excessive weight training program.
▶ Then [Partial rupture]
▶ It proceeds to [complete rupture]
▶ In the end, you will be on the operating table.

From now on, this monster gear will be referred to as the [Rupture Formula].

Burst Formula: Turning Your Perspective into Your Sport

▶ So far, we have talked about the weight training point of view.
But, think about turning it into a sport you enjoy.
Then you will know why you are experiencing pain and injuries.

Formula of rupture: Turn your perspective into everyday life

▶ So far, we have talked about a sports perspective.
However, consider turning this into your daily life.
Then you will know why you are experiencing pain and injuries.

Typical diseases that are usually noun

▶ Golf elbow,
Tennis elbow for tennis,
Cruciate ligament rupture in football,
The frozen shoulders of the elderly,
Carpal tunnel syndrome in office workers, etc.

▶ Representative diseases, which are usually noun, are diseases caused by not keeping the rest period of the area that is used repeatedly.

파열의 공식 : 손목 인대 파열 장면 그림

Rupture Formula (3)-Reasons for Joint Injury

The relationship between rest periods and blood

▶ The destroyed cells of our body receive components necessary for regeneration from the blood.
So it creates a replacement cell.
Therefore, depending on how much blood can be supplied to the damaged area, the duration of regeneration can vary even if it is destroyed to the same extent.

Difference in capillary distribution

▶ Each organ in our body receives blood from arteries and capillaries.
However, if you look closely, the distribution is not uniform.

▶ The muscles are red and the tendons and ligaments are white.​
This difference is the difference between a lot of capillaries being distributed and not.

Reasons for joint injuries: the difference in duration of regeneration

▶ Then, even if the muscle fibers are destroyed to the same extent, the period of regeneration will differ as follows.

[Play period]​

Muscle <tendon = ligament

So tendons and ligaments should have more rest periods.

▶ Joints are where these tendons and ligaments are concentrated in our body.
Your muscles are fine, but now you understand why only your joints hurt.

Below are the injuries to which the formula of rupture caused by free radicals is applied. The expressions are different, but they are all the same.

▷ Injury due to internal factors. Endogenous injury
▷ Injury due to internal shock.
▷ Injuries caused by repeated use.
▷ Injuries in the joint area.

Rupture Formula (4)-How to Heal Joint Injuries

Ligaments are over once injured?

▶ Ligaments are also restored.
However, the recovery time is too long for the same reason as the previous posting (Reason of joint injury-rupture formula (3)).
Therefore, it will only fail to recover as it is used in the middle.

How to heal joint injuries: arm yourself with monster gears

▶ Joints are areas that are prone to injury.
The cause of injury caused by repeated use of the joint area is free radicals.
Therefore, these injuries are preventable.
On the other hand, joint injuries caused by traffic accidents are injuries that cannot be prevented.
It is the difference between injuries caused by internal shock and injuries caused by external shock.

▶ We must focus on injuries caused by internal factors, internal shock, and repeated use.
This is what you have to focus on injuries caused by free radicals.
Because it's a preventable injury.
The key to prevention is the removal of free radicals.
Negative ions are the most effective substances in nature that can remove active oxygen.
Negative ions are generated from the monster gear negative ion pad
The effect is maximized when the negative ions are injected into the joints during exercise in which free radicals injure the joints.
That's why you need to be armed with monster gear before exercising.

파열의 공식 : 인대 재생 과정 그림

Rupture Formula (5)-Type of Pain

Pain from injury due to free radicals

Below are the injuries to which the formula of rupture caused by free radicals is applied. The expressions are different, but they are all the same.

▷ Injury due to internal factors. Endogenous injury
▷ Injury due to internal shock.
▷ Injuries caused by repeated use.
▷ Injuries in the joint area.

▶ Pain caused by injuries caused by free radicals can be classified as type 1 pain and type 2 pain.

Type 1 pain

▶ If only one day has passed since pitching, there is a high probability that the muscle fibers of the muscles have not yet been regenerated.
If so, the temporary bridges of the muscle fibers will also be broken.
Ligaments are the same as tendons and [resting period], so it will be the same.
Pain occurs at the moment of this break.
Pain that occurs when a muscle fiber breaks is called'Type 1 Pain'.
It is the most severe type of pain and should be avoided.

Type 2 pain

▶'Second type pain' refers to pain caused by'lime'.

▶ The cause of lime formation has not been clearly identified.
However, in the process of energy metabolism, fatigue substances occur.
It is assumed that some of them remain without being excreted through blood vessels.
These limes are buried between the muscle fibers.
Then, when the muscle fibers contract and relax, they are melted under pressure and absorbed into the muscle fiber cells.
At this time, considerable pain occurs.
However, it is only painful and does not destroy muscle fiber cells.
Therefore, type 2 pain is not a serious type of pain, it is a pain that must be overcome with the knee pain in order to fully recover the joint injury.

The dangers of undifferentiated pain types

▶ Assuming you have only 2nd type of pain, no problem occurs even if you exercise.
The problem is that you can't differentiate between type 1 pain and type 2 pain.
There is also type 1 pain, and if you exercise with confidence, saying, "It must be a type 2 pain," you may have a ruptured muscle tendon ligament and you may have to climb the operating table.

▶ This is the formula for bursting.

파열의 공식 : 석회

Rupture Formula (6)-Coping with Pain

Coping with pain: an overview

▶ Often, pain of type 1 and pain of type 2 occur at the same time.
So, how should we deal with pain in a difficult situation?

▶ First, keep the rest period exactly.
Then you can be confident that at least type 1 pain will not occur.

▶ Next Since the pain that occurs from now on is the second type of pain, stretch it boldly to melt the lime to eliminate it.

▶ This is an overview of overcoming pain caused by free radicals such as pain due to internal factors, pain from internal shock, pain from repeated use, pain from joints, etc.

Get rid of type 1 pain first (=complete recovery)

▶ Remember that it protects the rest period if the first type of pain occurs in which muscle fibers are ruptured, whether due to free radicals or external factors.

▶ It is assumed that the rupture of muscle fibers caused by free radicals, that is, internal factors, is regenerated in about 4 days.

▶ It is assumed that muscle fiber rupture caused by external factors such as ankle folds is regenerated in about 30 days.

▶ In other words, the only difference between the internal and external factors is that the rest period is longer, but the muscle fibers are completely regenerated so that the first type of pain disappears.

Get rid of the next 2nd type of pain (=complete healing)

▶ Remember to stretch if you have a second type of pain caused by lime, whether due to free radicals or external factors.

▶ Since free radicals, that is, lime due to internal factors, are small, it is assumed that running lightly before the game, stretching, and playing a catch ball will eliminate pain during the game.

▶ Since lime caused by external factors such as ankle folds is large, it is assumed that it will be removed by stretching for the recommended period in the physical therapy room.

▶ In other words, the difference between internal and external factors is the only difference that the duration of stretching is extended, but it is the same that lime is completely removed and the second type of pain disappears.

Comparison of coping methods for pain caused by injury of internal factors and external factors

▶ How to cope with pain: Rest period (complete recovery) → Stretching (complete recovery)

▶ Only the period is 4 days and 1 month.
That's the difference between rest periods.

▶ Basic process: Rest period (complete recovery) → Stretching (complete recovery)

▶ Rest period: The first type of pain reduction method. The period of regeneration of ruptured muscle fibers. The break due to internal shock is about 4 days. The break from external shock is about a month.

▶ Stretching: The second type of pain relief method. Conducted after conquering type 1 pain. The trick is to do it until the remaining lime in the muscle fibers is completely removed.

완전 쾌유의 유일한 길=스트레칭

Rupture Formula (7)-Inner muscle virtual image and ligament tendon training method

Rupture formula Ligament Regeneration Faith

▶ Obviously, the tendons and ligaments are also regenerated.
And when it plays, it plays even more powerfully than before.

▶ Regeneration of tendons and ligaments that must be done with patience and persistence.
First we must believe.
“Although it is only slow, the tendons and ligaments are also regenerated.”
I mean.

▶ The tendons and ligaments destroyed today are regenerated after 1 day.
Or, the tendons and ligaments destroyed today will be regenerated two days later.
Or, the tendons and ligaments destroyed today will be regenerated after 3 days.
Or the tendons and ligaments destroyed today will be regenerated after 4 days.

▶ You must have this kind of faith.

Rupture formula Tubing

What I want to emphasize
Recognize the mechanisms of destruction and regeneration
To train the tendons and ligaments
It is a posture to use properly.

▶ You already know how to train your tendons and ligaments.
This is tubing.

Tendon ligaments should be carefully trained

▶ Light weight is very good for tendon and ligament training.

▶ Do not cause active oxygen to be generated in the tendons and ligaments too much in a short time.
This is because excessive free radicals are generated and destroyed even at the contact point with the tendons and ligaments bones.

▶ If it occurs only slightly, even the contact with the bones of tendons and ligaments can be restored.
Tubing is exactly this kind of destruction, so if you do it frequently, you can train your tendons and ligaments without hurting them.

▶ The conclusion is that "If you train effectively, your tendons and ligaments can become ugly."

파열의 공식 : 힘줄 파열 부위의 모습
Picture of the rupture of the shoulder rotator cuff (the area indicated by the blue arrow)
When it ruptures, you can see the ruptured area open to the muscle due to the force pulling from the muscle.

Rupture Formula (8)-Exogenous Rupture and Endogenous Rupture Countermeasures

파열의 공식 : 로테이터 커프 테어

파열의 공식 : 파열의 경계선

Evidence of endogenous rupture = boundary line of rupture

▶ [Endogenous rotator cuff rupture] occurs in the area just above the site where the tendon is rooted to attach to the bone.

The reason is the difference in the distribution of capillaries, that is, the amount of blood that is directly injected.

It is assumed that all areas of the tendon are exerted evenly.
This will evenly release free radicals in all areas of the tendon.

So, all parts of the tendon are destroyed evenly.

However, the tendon located on the muscle side of the tendon receives blood supply from the abundant capillaries on the muscle side.
You can quickly receive the ingredients necessary for regeneration from the blood supplied.
So it plays quickly.

However, the tendon located on the bone side of the tendon receives blood supply from the thin capillaries on the bone side.
From this prickly supply of blood, it is inevitable to slowly receive the ingredients needed for regeneration.
So it plays slowly.

Eventually, the boundary line between these two becomes the point where the blood supply is minimal.
So, the rupture starts here, and when the rupture formula is applied, the partial rupture is visible to the naked eye as shown in the picture above.

▶ This is the moment when the question of "Why does rupture start at that point" is explained by Mondolly's theory ① [burst formula] and ② [burst by active oxygen] theory.

Countermeasures for exogenous rupture

The countermeasures for exogenous rupture can be summarized as follows.

① Exogenous rupture caused by an accident cannot be prevented in advance, but you can be cautious about carrying heavy objects.

② During exogenous rupture, scratches on the shoulder blades are as follows.
▶ First, if the shoulder blade is congenital protruding, the cause can be eliminated with surgery to cut the shoulder blade.

파열의 공식 : 견봉 그림

▶ Next, if lime is deposited, the cause can be removed with treatment to break the lime with extracorporeal shock waves.

Countermeasures for endogenous rupture

The countermeasures for endogenous rupture can be summarized as follows.

Endogenous rupture is of utmost importance to remove as soon as free radicals occur.
Free radicals do not go through an incubation period like a virus.
As soon as it occurs, it begins to destroy the shoulder tendons.

When you try to remove free radicals or suppress inflammation after exercise, such as parsing or icing, you have already injured your shoulder tendon a lot.

This raises the need to remove free radicals by injecting negative ions into the shoulder muscles during exercise.

Therefore, it is important to cope with it during exercise.
This is the previous post ( How to protect the shoulder rotator cuff joint ligaments during competition ) In detail.

① Monster Gear's negative ion pad is designed to inject negative ions into the shoulder tendon during exercise.
Therefore, you can throw longer innings because it protects the shoulder tendons by removing free radicals in a timely manner.
And the day after playing baseball, you can quickly recover from shoulder fatigue.

② In addition, some similar effects can be obtained with negative ion necklaces.
However, it can be seen that the effect of removing free radicals directly from the shoulder tendon is far less than that of Monster Gear.

Rupture Formula (9)-Surgery? or non-surgical?

Inevitability of surgery

▶ When the rubber band breaks, the rubber band rolls up to the other side.
Likewise, the broken shoulder tendon is rolled up to the opposite side of the broken shoulder.

파열의 공식 : 힘줄 파열 시에는 다시 붙기가 매우 어렵다

▶ Therefore, there is no way to restore the ruptured shoulder tendon to its original condition except by artificially pulling the broken shoulder tendon toward the bone through surgery to fix it and waiting for the shoulder tendon to take root in the bone.
In other words, there is no other way than surgery to restore a ruptured shoulder tendon.

The greatest variable occurred, saying, "I cannot recover 100% by surgery"

▶ You can expect 100% recovery if it is a surgery that allows you to lead a normal life immediately after surgery.

▶ However, surgery by pulling the shoulder tendon to fix it on the bone and waiting for it to take root cannot lead to a normal life immediately after surgery.
It takes at least 7.5 months including the rehabilitation period.
In this process, you can never expect 100% recovery of the shoulder tendon.

Small rupture is non-surgical

▶ Therefore, it is not necessary to operate even a small rupture that is not easy to operate.

▶ This is because even if the shoulder tendon is lost due to a partial rupture, if the remaining part can support the shoulder blade sufficiently, there is no problem in functioning.


▶ However, there may be objections like this.
"If you are a professional baseball player who has to maintain the best skills, shouldn't the story change?"

▶ If you're a professional baseball player who needs to throw 150 km, you'll need all of your well-trained shoulder tendons and don't want to lose any part of it.


▶ However, it is the small exploration room that performs surgery to revive that 5%.

▷ The shoulder tendon in the vicinity is damaged to some extent during the surgery.

▷ The remaining shoulder tendons are damaged during the 6 months required for rehabilitation.
(Due to muscle loss, damage from stimulation during rehabilitation, etc.)

▷ The shoulder is the only joint that can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

▷ Therefore, it is not as easy as it sounds to succeed in rehabilitation by releasing a stiff joint in all directions 360 degrees for 6 weeks while wearing a brace.

▷ In the case of a professional baseball pitcher, the probability of success in rehabilitation after elbow ligament surgery, which can only rotate 180 degrees, is 95%.
However, the probability of successful rehabilitation after a pitcher's shoulder tendon surgery is 10%.
Just by comparing this, you can fully guess the difficulty.

▶ Therefore, in the case of a pitcher, it is not more than 5% burst.
If so, choose non-surgical treatment.
Then, instead of a 150km high-speed pitcher, he transforms into a 140-145km finesse pitcher.
This is likely to be more beneficial in extending player life.

▶ If you are playing baseball, choose non-surgical treatment even if it is about 10% of the rupture.
This is because there is no problem with enjoying baseball as a hobby.

Still, it hurts so much that I want to have surgery

▶ There may be someone who says, “I want to have surgery because I am sick.”
Take only 6 months of postoperative rehabilitation course without surgery.
In other words, rehabilitation is carried out under the premise of “having surgery”.

▶ I can guarantee that my shoulder will not hurt”.

▷ During this period, part of the ruptured shoulder tendon disappears and disappears.
(Maybe it will disappear after 6 weeks of wearing the brace.)

▷ However, if you don't wear a brace, you will continue to use your shoulder tendon during your daily life.
At this time, the temporary bridge woven with the muscle fibers in the part of the ruptured shoulder tendon to repair is broken.
In doing so, pain occurs.

파열의 공식 : 임시가교
Temporary bridge painting
This part is very easy to break even with small contractions and tensions.

▷ This part that is being restored will be sufficiently restored while wearing the brace.
(In a word, pain of type 1 from further rupture no longer occurs)

▷ Then, the remaining pain is the second pain caused by the hardening of the joint.

▷ For the remaining 4 and a half months of rehabilitation, all this lime is dissolved through stretching in the physical therapy room.
Then no type 2 pain will occur.

If so, you won't get sick without surgery.

▶ For convenience, I mentioned the rehabilitation period of 6 months, but it will not take half if it is rehabilitation without surgery.


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