Pain inflammation rupture and free radicals

Headache Arthritis Ligament Rupture Active oxygen Is it related to?

There are many causes of pain. Pain occurs even when pierced by a sharp needle. Pain occurs even if it is struck by a stick. Not all of these pains are covered in this article. Only Energy metabolism It deals only with the pain caused by.

Pain inflammation rupture and free radicals: Destructive activity of free radicals

A pure oxygen atom with 8 electrons lacks 2 electrons. It is eager to take it from the surrounding atoms. These pure oxygen atoms themselves are called active oxygen because they are highly reactive.

Previous article( The principle of generating active oxygen in the process of energy metabolism ) In the process of energy metabolism, active oxygen is generated in our body. As soon as free radicals are generated, they immediately steal two electrons from nearby muscle fibers or brain cells. So it destroys muscle fibers or brain cells.

It cannot be said that free radicals have bad feelings in muscle fibers or brain cells. You can just say, “It follows the fate that nature has set.” ^_^

통증 염증 파열과 활성산소 : 활성산소가 근섬유를 파괴하는 장면 그림

Picture of a scene where free radicals destroy muscle fibers

Pain inflammation rupture and free radicals: Causes of pain at the cellular level

Please note that muscle fibers and brain cells are the organs in which energy metabolism occurs mainly in our body. When we move or think, we need energy.

Pain occurs when free radicals destroy muscle fibers. Excessive physical exertion causes muscle pain. When free radicals destroy brain cells, pain occurs. Working overnight and overworking your brain can cause headaches.

Energy metabolism → free radicals → muscle fiber destruction / brain cell destruction → muscle pain / headache

In this way, the cause of pain can be identified at the cellular level.

통증 염증 파열과 활성산소 : 두통

Pain inflammation rupture and free radicals: Ligament rupture

What if the cell unit grows. For example, there are ligaments attached to the knee joint. Ligaments are made up of muscle fibers. The muscle fibers of the ligaments are destroyed by free radicals. When this is repeated over and over again, the ligaments rupture.

Energy metabolism → active oxygen → ligament muscle fiber destruction → ligament rupture

Pain inflammation rupture and free radicals: arthritis

Bacteria can enter the ruptured area of ​​the knee ligament. Then in our body Inflammatory reaction This happens. The inflammatory reaction is the reaction of immune cells in your body to attack bacteria. The knee joint hurts because the ligaments are attached to the knee joint. Arthritis is this.

Energy metabolism → free radicals → ligament muscle fiber destruction → ligament rupture → arthritis

Pain inflammation rupture and free radicals: Cases of diseases caused by free radicals

There are over 200 bones in our body. This bone and the tissue that connects the bones Ligament is. Sometimes it connects bones and muscles. this is string Is called. Ligaments and tendons are tissues that become slow to regenerate after being destroyed. So, a lot of rupture and a lot of inflammation occurs. Where ligaments and tendons are intensively distributed in our body joint is. The shoulders, knees, wrists, elbows, and ankles are the largest joints. Pain inflammation caused by energy metabolism is widely distributed in this area.

Shoulder frozen shoulder knee arthritis, elbow medial epidermal inflammation, wrist arthritis, etc.

통증 염증 파열과 활성산소 : 활성산소에 기인한 관절 통증 염증


We cannot live without physical activity and brain activity. To be active, you need to generate energy. That's why diseases caused by energy metabolism are very widespread. More precisely, it is due to active oxygen. I realize that free radicals are the source of all diseases.

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