Negative ion pad revolution-the effectiveness of monster gear

Knowing that free radicals destroy muscle fibers does not solve it. Active oxygen It will be solved by somehow stopping the destruction of muscle fibers. The most effective way to block free radicals in nature Negative ions is. Monster Gear Anion Pad generates negative ions. Rupture of muscle (muscular tendon ligament) due to internal shock The most effective means to prevent Anion pad is.

Negative ion pad revolution: Prevention of injury by removing free radicals

In conclusion, I want to prevent injuries such as shoulders and elbows. However, active oxygen is generated in the shoulders or elbows during exercise. This destroys the muscle fibers in the tendon ligaments of the shoulder or elbow. Therefore, it would be best to remove free radicals as soon as they are generated.

Do you agree with Mondolly's opinion so far? You disagree with 100%? Still, you will fully agree that free radicals are to some extent the cause of muscle fiber rupture. You would then agree to some extent that if you remove it during the race as soon as it occurs, you will be able to prevent muscle fiber rupture to some extent.

Negative ion pad revolution: Negative ion pad revolution

So how can you get rid of free radicals? Finding the culprit would be useless if there was no way to catch it. However, the previous post ( Relationship between oxygen anion and active oxygen , Relationship between hydrogen anion and active oxygen ). So now we know how.

→ An anion known to be the best removal of active oxygen in nature.
→ Find a way to generate these negative ions during exercise and penetrate them into muscle fibers to meet free radicals.

In this way,'a program to protect your shoulders or elbows during exercise' becomes possible. Never existed!

Monster Gear miraculously found that way. That's what the'negative ion pad' is.

So, Mondolly dares to refer to this as the'negative ion pad revolution'.

음이온패드 혁명

The previous posting ( Negative ion generation principle and anion pad Please refer to ).

Negative ion pad revolution: The beginning of the revolution

음이온패드 혁명 : 몬스터기어 음이온패드의 작동 원리

Anyone who knows already knows. we Monster gear Started with a shoulder-mounted scientific equipment (shoulder brace).

Especially for baseball players in society, “The negative ion pad is a pitcher’s game” medium It was approached with the marketing concept of'It is almost the only means currently commercialized to protect the shoulder.' We are grateful that the practical effect has been proven.


음이온패드 혁명 : 몬스터기어의 마케팅 컨셉

Negative ion pad revolution: Other failed attempts

However, there have been attempts to use negative ions to relieve pain. first germanium · titanium There are negative ion necklaces and bracelets such as the back.

▶ However, wearing it in the form of a necklace or bracelet has a strong gap with the skin. So, even if negative ions are generated, I think most of them will be scattered into the atmosphere before being absorbed by the skin.

▶ In addition, there is a problem that the areas that require negative ions such as shoulder tendons and elbow ligaments and the areas where necklaces and bracelets are worn are separated by distance.
In other words, negative ions enter the body through the skin of the neck or wrist. However, before reaching the shoulders or elbows, most of the free radicals in other areas are consumed.

In short, I think that it seems too insufficient to use negative ion necklaces and bracelets as'a program to protect shoulders and elbows during exercise'.

음이온패드 혁명 : 역부족

Effectiveness of anion pad 1

Compared to this, the effectiveness of the Monster Gear negative ion pad is clearly visible.

① Monster Gear's negative ion pad is designed to be worn directly in the form of a pressure protector on the required body part.
Therefore, it adheres completely to the skin. So, the negative ions generated from the negative ion pad can be absorbed into the skin as much as possible.

음이온패드 혁명 : 몬스터기어 보호대팬티

In addition, the amount of negative ions generated from the negative ion pad is so great that the skin feels fiery hot.
No matter how tightly you wear a germanium necklace or bracelet, you can never feel such a hotness.

Effectiveness of anion pad 2

② In addition, the negative ion pad uses sweat shed during exercise as a raw material. Therefore, it can produce negative ions in step with active oxygen.

음이온패드 혁명 : 땀을 원료

When playing baseball, for example, you play a fielder and then rise to the relief pitcher. In this case, the amount of momentum increases dramatically.
Then you will sweat like rain. The amount of negative ions produced by the negative ion pad also increases rapidly.
It's common sense that if you're pitching, your shoulder pain is more than the beast the day after your workout.
That's why if you're pitching, you use your shoulders more than your beast. Therefore, it means that the amount of free radicals generated in the shoulder also increases rapidly.

In other words, in the case of Monster Gear shoulder-mounted science equipment (shoulder protector), if you do not use your shoulders, you will not sweat, free radicals, and negative ions will not be generated.
However, when you start using your shoulders, you start sweating, free radicals start to be generated, and negative ions start to be generated.
However, excessive use of the shoulder causes explosive sweating, free radicals, and negative ions.

This is what it means to say “anion pad produces negative ions in step with free radicals”.

So, summarizing it, you can say: The negative ion pad of Monster Gear ① It adheres completely to the skin and can supply negative ions to the body as much as possible. . ② Anion can be supplied in step with active oxygen . It is.

Effectiveness of anion pad 3

However, you have to exercise with large scientific equipment on your back. Even if this provides such an effect, it can be said that it is "not practical."

But ③ Monster Gear's body-mounted science equipment is provided in the form of a general guard. . Since it is not heavy, there is no burden to use it during exercise. It doesn't interfere with performance at all.

음이온패드 혁명 : 팔꿈치 장착 상태 사진

Effectiveness of anion pad 4

And it shouldn't cause skin troubles due to inability to absorb sweat.

Monster Gear Sweat-absorbing and quick-drying functional fabric Use . As soon as sweat is absorbed, it radiates to the outside, so you can always feel comfortable wearing it. Even when the pain patient wears it for a long time Skin trouble There are very few.

음이온패드 혁명 : 3년내

Negative ion pad revolution: Wrap-up

In a word, I would like to say carefully, "As a'program to protect the body from pain and rupture during exercise', it was produced in a finished form that no other product in the world can match within at least 3 years." Various devices and product designs have been applied for patents~ㅎ^^; I will work harder ^^;

Today we took a look at what the negative ion pad revolution means.

Thank you for subscribing so far. I was Mondol~^^

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