Negative ion generation principle and anion pad

What is the principle of generating negative ions? The principle of generating negative ions of the monster gear negative ion pad! Everyone will be wondering. It will be fully revealed~^_^

Monster gear Of ' Anion pad 'Are you sure Negative ions Can you make it?

Negative ion generation principle and anion pad: Solar and solar wind

Negative ion pad can generate electricity without external power source such as batteries. But no Energy source Produce electricity without this? Then, the eternal aspiration of the scientific community Permanent institution Can be created. However, unfortunately (^^) there is an energy source.

The energy source of Monster Gear negative ion pad is the sun. Speaking of the sun Solar You might think of using it to generate electricity. But the sun doesn't just send solar heat to Earth.

Solar wind Is blown from the sun to the earth. The solar wind causes charged particles emitted from the sun's upper atmosphere ( Plasma )is. It is composed of 95% hydrogen anion and 4% helium.

Negative ion generation principle and anion pad: Anion pad

This hydrogen anion is the energy source of the monster gear negative ion pad. Monster Gear Negative ion pad has a lot of dots. polarity Hydrogen anions from the sun are absorbed by the positive electrode of this dot with.

This is immediately carried to the negative electrode of the dot. At this time, one negative electron in the negative electrode is pushed out. Then, electricity is generated. It's a bit difficult, but there's no other way to explain it ㅎ;;

Anyway, the electricity generated by the negative ion pad electrolyzes water molecules (H2O, sweat) around it. When water molecules are electrolyzed, hydrogen anion (-1 valent anion) and oxygen anion (-2 valent anion) are generated.

음이온패드의 음이온 발생 원리 : 음이온패드의 도트에서 전기 발생

Some of these negative ions flow back into the positive electrode of the monster gear negative ion pad. So it produces electricity. Some are absorbed by the skin. It is also stored in muscle fibers of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Then, when the body is overworked, it is combined with free radicals generated from muscle fibers! It forms oxygen molecules and water molecules.

Anion pad's intense heat

And it generates intense heat. The heat generated by the anion pad is the heat that proves that this electrolysis is real~!!!

This is why we emphasize the fire-heating effect in Monster Gear. If it gets hot, the negative ions on the Monster Gear negative ion pad are not fake. And you are actually seeing the effect of reducing muscle pain the next day after exercise. Numerous reviews of purchases on the Internet prove that Monster Gear's effectiveness is real.

음이온패드의 음이온 발생 원리 : 음이온패드의 열감 고객 후기

Negative ion generation principle and anion pad: Virtuous cycle process of generation of negative ions

Furthermore, sweat is more generated due to this feeling of heat. Eventually, it goes through a virtuous cycle in which negative ions are explosively generated.

→ Exercising a lot will generate free radicals and cause muscle pain

→ If you exercise a lot, sweat occurs a lot

→ A lot of sweat generates a lot of negative ions

→ Muscle pain disappears due to the combination of many free radicals and many anions

음이온패드의 음이온 발생 원리 : 음이온 발생의 선순환 과정
So, I would like to conclude as follows. ^_^

Monster Gear negative ion pads Active oxygen It is a scientific equipment that is perfect for removing the. That's right. Scientific equipment. All Monster Gear products have the exterior of a sports guard. The reason is to put the negative ion pad in close contact with the muscle pain area. It only matches the appearance, but the purpose is completely different. General sports guards do not have any purpose of removing free radicals. Monster Gear is a scientific equipment for the scientific purpose of removing active oxygen. Scientific equipment that generates negative ions to remove free radicals and puts them in the area where muscle pain occurs.


The solar life is said to be 5 billion years. In this way, the energy source of the negative ion pad of Monster Gear is endless. Since it is not solar heat, negative ions are generated without any problems at night. And it uses sweat from the human body to generate negative ions again. All of these are natural materials (water anions in the solar wind, water molecules in sweat). That's why Monster Gear negative ion pads are called clean negative ions.

Today, we looked at the principle of generating negative ions of the negative ion pad of Monster Gear. Next, let's take a look at what the negative ion pads mean for active oxygen.

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